09 Şub

It is unknown that whom and when this palace was built (?) only we know that the palace was used by the Grand vezier Ibrahim Pasha (1593-1536). He served as the Grand Vezier of Suleiman the Magnificant(1523-1536).. he used this building as his pavilion in 16. centuary.

The museum is next to the Hipodrom (at meydani) the another information about the museum is; it is the last museum, was opened by the Ottomans. The museum includes almost everything about Islamic art.

After the republic the building was turned into museum completely. The museum includes; the art of Abbasis, Umayyads,Timurids,Andalusias,Caucasians,Parsees,Ayyubids.Safavids. many kinds of calligraphis,carpets,kilims,sarcophagus from medivial and early islamis periods. According to some historians; the palace was more beautiful then the Topkapi Palace. İf you interest in arts and Islam you must not miss it…

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