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Doubtless the Topkapı palace is located in the most beautiful point of Istanbul that facing toward the Golden Horn, sea of Marmara, Europe, Asia and islands…


Topkapı Palace Museum was built by sultan Mehmet the Conqueror between 1465-1478. The palace is the second residence of the Ottoman Sultans where they lived and ruled the empire. The Topkapi Palace was a city -palace with a population of approximately 4,000 people. It covered an area of 70 hectares / 173 acres. 25 sultans lived in the palace from Mehmet II to Abdulmecit. The palace is abondoned when the Dolmabahce palace were built.  In 1924 it was turned  into a museum.

There are Bab-ı Humayun entrance where security control done, after the gate, you need to walk around 300 meters till the second gate and you will see the crowded waiting in the queue but your tour guide can easily jump all queue


The palace was divided into two parts (Birun and Enderun), it has three Gates (Divan-i Humayun, Babus Selam, Babus Sade) and Harem section where the sultan’s familiy lived with the concubines. After passing trough to the first gate you enter the museum and you visit the exhibitions room one by one. Such as treasury room, islamic relaics room, Baghdad pavilion, sultans portraits room, library, clocks gallery, army collection room, imperial parliment and also 86 carats diamond (kasikci) can be seen. Topkapi palace can be best visit by tour guide who knows each hidden secrets. Book your Topkapi palace tour guide.

It takes around 2.3 hours to visit all palace apart from Harem Section where has 300+ rooms, 9 baths, Mosques and Hospitals inside as well as world famous tiles on the walls.


There are lots of tour options as regular/group tours which starts mostly on afternoon.

Also, some tours are available on morning time.

Best way to explore palace in totally is to book a local tour guide whom can escort your during whole visit that visiting Topkapi palace with Harem takes around 4-5 hours (at least!)

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