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Taksim square area has busy nightlife, shopping and dining area. Istiklal Street is Istanbul’s main pedestrian boulevard.
While passing from historical peninsula you feel in time machine because suddenly you already left the historical constructions and you reached the modern side of Istanbul. Taksim square is considered as the central point of Istanbul. The groups and the locals meet in this square they spend time around there.

Moreover the square has a street where just next to it named as Istıklal Avenue (pedestrian st.)which is 3 km lenght. It is not allowed driving on the street, there are many kind of restaurants,bars,stores,shopping malls,etc. You can spend long time by walking, having lunch or diner,shopping… do not forget your camera.

istanbul istiklal street and taksim square walking tour guide


Taksim Square area has famous shops and well know restaurants. Book your Taksim Tour guide and visit Galata Tower, taste famous local foods and exlore Istiklal street and vicinity.




This is the best place to find cheap bars and clubs for every kind of entertainment.

Street Art

A stroll around Taksim in the evening will convince you of its majesty

Turkish Delight

In case you need something more refreshing, taste an ice cream that is thick and almost chewy

Try Some Food

After a tour in Taksim square, take a break to enjoy a meal at one of the numerous eating spots that surround it

Buy Some Souvenirs

Taksim is one of the best places in the entire city to buy some souvenirs

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