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Suleymaniye Mosque, rather than a mosque, is one of the symbols of Istanbul and can be seen from the every part of Istanbul.

It was built by Suleyman II the Magnificent between (1550-1557). The architect was the greatest of Ottoman architects, Mimar the Great Sinan. Like the other Ottoman mosques,were built by the sultans, the construction has some parts such as bath, education center, dormitories, fountaines etc. For the public.


The mosque was designed in classical Ottoman architecture, it has four minaretes, a huge dome (47 m./154 ft. High-27 meter/90 ft. Diameter). When the mosque was built there were 4,000 oil candles, the smoke from which could have been endangered the paintings on the walls. The architect avoided this, however by creating a system fort he circulation of air inside the building. Sultan Suleyman and Sinan are burried in their tombs in the complex.

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