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Maiden’s Tower Tour Guide in Istanbul

Maiden’s Tower Story

Snakes’ Bite

Prophecy that his beloved daughter would be bitten by a snake on her 18th birthday and the girl will die.

The king decides to guard her safety by keeping confined in this tower in the sea.

Despite his efforts, destiny ruled after a basket of fresh grapes was sent to the tower and a a snake hidden at the buttom of the basket delivered the fatal bite.

leanders tower history


Although this ancient story (500BCE) is commonly thought to have occurred in the Dardanelles or Hellespont on the other side of the sea of Marmara.

The tower has been called Leanders Tower in Europe and the west for at least 400 years.

Hero, a priestess sworn to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love, was sequestered here to ensure her sanctity.

Leander somehow encountered her perhaps by passing in a boat and fell fatally in love.

Swimming to the tower, he gradually won the love of Hero and their nightly meetings began.

Hero lit a torch at the top of her tower every night to guide Leanders long swim.

One stormy night, the wind blew out the torch, Leander lost his way and exhauster, perished beneath the waves.

His body washed upon the rocks of this island and Hero, seeing this was distraught and heartbroken so much, so that she leapt from the tower to her death, thus ensuring the immortality of their love.


This ancient tower stands on a rocky out-crop at the entrance to the Bosphorus just offshore Uskudar. It is presently used as a lighthouse. The original tower was built in 12th century by the Byzantine emperor, Manuel Comnenos (1143-1180),who aimed to find a firm foundation fort he chain which was used to close off the Bosphorus to sea traffic.

After lots of restorations, the tower was converted into cafe and restaurant.

The tower is one of the most popular place for couples or friend groups especially good place for dinners.




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