09 Şub


It was builted by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1857 and ordered to architect whom is Garabet Balyan and son Nicogos Balyan in baroque style, There was two storey timber palace in the reign of Mahmut 1st .

Difference occured by its walls that on other palaces you can see surrounded by cast iron railings with one gate at four sides.

In interior side it seems like turkish traditional house but as palace; marbels are Italian , Crystal Chandeliers from Bohemia,With Curtains, and Carpets from Hereke.

During the time of Sultan Abdulaziz, Some of original garden buildings were demolished.

It took restauration on 1944 and has been opened as Museum.

James bond Film ‘’ The world is not enough ‘’ in some parts served as the mansion of a woman in Baku .

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