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Istanbul Tour Guide

Istanbul has 92 museums, 210 art gallery, 4 world heritage sites and 11 million visitors in a year.

The city is really busy and crowded, Public transportation, too. Best way to visit highlights is to get a tour guide who knows all details and has the privilage to jump all queues.


Explore Istanbul city in the best way, find the most hidden secrets and taste the most delicious dishes…  all you need is to book a tour guide.

Istanbul Guidance. com is established to offer you the best Istanbul tour guide service, As well as,  you can create a suitable tour program and generate amazing tour itineraries.

To book licensed and legal Istanbul tour guide, you can directly contact by e-mail or whatsapp application from the form below.

We look forward to introducing amazing Istanbul city and showing all its beauty…

Local Istanbul Guide / Licensed Istanbul Tour Guide

Unlicensed tour guide in Turkey is not a legal and secure. You may find some websites which offer local expert or local guides. Their knowledge is not enough and they don’t have any ability of guidance whom not licensed also you are not secure during your travel with unknown foreigner.

To be a licensed tour guide a person need to graduade from University, need to succesfully pass the exam of ministry and need to complete Turkey tour which is 40 days long. Later on have rights to get license.

Tour guides are entirely affiliated with government agencies and are completely legal and reliable.

Such as; Ministry of Culture and Tourism à TUREB (Association of Turkish Tour Guides) à IRO (Chamber of Istanbul Tour Guides)

Best Istanbul Tour Guide

Istanbul tour guides are graduated from university that they are expert in most guiding subject. However, every guide is a specialist in history but it doesn’t mean that they are expert in religious themed tours or art tours,  therefore we create a tour program with you and choose your private Istanbul tour guide whom is expert in chosen field.

To book a private Istanbul tour guide, you can directly contact by e-mail or whatsapp application from the form below.

We look forward to see you in Istanbul…

Istanbul Tour Guide Prices

Istanbul Tour Guide 2020 Fee
2020 Turkey Tour Guide Price

All rates are offered as Euro. you may easily convert on your currency with the help of google or just ask for

Base rate tariff determined by the Ministry.
The base prices of the tourist guides to be applied by the service groups in 2020 are considered as follows;

Night Tour


  • After 17:00 pm
  • Up to 4 Hours
  • Contact for other optIons


Transfer Rate


  • AIrport to Hotel
  • One Way Transfer rate
  • Contact for other optIons


Daily Tour


  • 9:00 a.m to 17:00 p.m
  • 1 day Istanbul tour guIde
  • Contact for other optIons


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