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“There, God and human, nature and art are together, they have created a place named: Istanbul.”

” Lamartine’s famous poetic line reveals his love for Istanbul; describing the embracing of two continents with one arm reaching out to Asia and the other to Europe.

Istanbul City Guide

Istanbul, once known as the capital of capital cities has many unique features.

It is the only city in the world to straddle two continents.

only one to have been a capital during two consecutive empires as Christian and Islamic.

Once capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul still remains the commercial historical and cultural pulse of Turkey.

Ancient, modern, religious and secular. Its variety is one of Istanbul’s greatest attractions.

The ancient mosques, palaces, museums and bazaars reflect Istanbul’s diverse history.

English Speaking Tour Guide in Istanbul

English speaking tour guide in Istanbul will help you to discover all city hidden sites as well as new malls and landmarks.

Book your Istanbul tour guide to explore city.

The thriving shopping area of Taksim buzzes with life and entertainment and the serene beauty of the Bosphorus.

Princes Islands and parks bring a touch of peace to the otherwise chaotic metropolis.

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey, forming the country’s economic, cultural, and historical heart .

Istanbul is at the center of the second largest urban area in Europe among the world’s largest cities by population within city limits.

Istanbul’s vast area of 5,343 square kilometers (2,063 sq mi) is coterminous with Istanbul Province, of which the city is considered capital.

Straddling the Bosphorus one of the world’s busiest waterways in northwestern Turkey between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea,

One third of Istanbul’s population living in Asia but its commercial and historical center in Europe.

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