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At one’s first glance there are two things that are particularly remarkable in the ancient monuments of the Ottomans.

The choice of the site and the perfect unity of the whole.

Whether or not it is in a raised place, the site always has a view of vast open spaces and however far one may look, one may see the sky.

The structure as a whole is broad and imposing.


All details of the monument, however charged with multiple ornaments it may be, simultaneously contribute to a general effect that is always simple and always unique. In 324 A.d , Emperor Constantine moved the seats from rome to Byzantium and renamed city as New roma but public said the city of constantine as ” CONSTANTINOPOLIS ” , ordered to built Hippodrome which means Hippos; horse, Drome; Square, with 456 meter long and 128 meter wide.

It is ”U” shaped , with 100.000 spectators capacity and Kathisma( lodge of Empire ). Decorated with Obelisk, Serpent Column, Walled Obelisk, German Fountain.


During your Istanbul Hippodrome Tour , There had been no major change in the disposition of this place during the Ottoman Empire.

The Ottoman palaces are situated here. Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque) was built here.

Hippodrome was converted to At Meydani (Horse Square) where jereed (a special old Turkish horseman competition with javelin) games were held.

Also the most important historical monuments of Istanbul like;

Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum and the Basilica Cistern surrounds the square.

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