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Galata Tower first was built a lighthouse by the Roman emperor Anastasius (528 A.D).
The Latin armies destroyed the Tower in 1204 then the tower was built by Genoese in 1348 after the conquest.
the tower owned by the Otomans and renovated in 1453.
it was the highest building in Istanbul.

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The tower is 69.90 m.
It is quite popular among the tourist groups.
From the top ever part of Istanbul can be seen also the top floor is used as a restaurant and cafe. It is open everyday.

Galata Tower tour guide

4th century, by the Genoese colony as part of the defense wall surrounding their district at Galata directly opposite ancient Constantinopolis.
They called the tower as “Christea Turris”, or “Tower of Christ”.
The Genoese were involved in trade with the Byzantines and the tower was used for the surveillance of the Harbor in the Golden Horn.
After the conquest of Constantinople by Mehmet II, it served to detect fires in the city.

Hezarfen Ahmet Celebi was the first flying Turk during the Ottoman Empire of the 17th century.
He copied bird wings and studied air flows than jumping from the Galata Tower.
He overflew the Bosphorus and landed at Uskudar district on the Asian side around 6 kilometers  in distance.

After the Republic, Galata Tower was restored and opened to the public in 1967.
The tower houses a cafeteria on top, there was also a night club which is closed down after the last restoration in 2013.
A small souvenir shop is located inside the tower just across the ticket office at the entrance level.

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