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Blue Mosque is located in center of sultanahmet.

The mosques are where the muslims pray five times a day and come together.

The Blue Mosque (Sultanahmet Mosque) is the one of the most important mosque of the muslims in Turkey

. It was built by Sultan Ahmet I. between the years 1609-1616.

Despite it is not the biggest mosque in Turkey, It shows of the Ottoman architecture on the other hand shows Ottomans’ hand arts such as calligrapies and the blue Iznik tiles, surrounding walls inside of the mosque moreover it is the only Ottoman mosque has the six minarets.


There are more than two thousand mosques in Istanbul and none of them is museum.

The mosques are still active because of it is required that shoulders and hairs must be covered for woman. Take it your memories!!

To learn the truth, book a Blue mosque tour guide and visit historical Blue Mosque.

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Special Note: For Blue Mosque Tour

Please ignore and avoid people who offer you to enter mosque without queue up.

Those people mostly will try to sell you something! and take you to the some shopping place.

Best way is to line up and enter Mosque just like other tourists. Don’t worry if line looks very long, it will move very fast for sure.

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