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31 Mar

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Camlica Hill
Beylerbeyi Palace
Kucuksu Pavilion
Anatolian Fortress
Kuleli History and Art Museum



Camlica Hill

camlica hill asian side tour

While walking on europian side you can see each historical things one by one. A common word of the locals “ Istanbul is watched from asian side”. It is absoluetly right when you visit the highest spot of Istanbul, you see this uniuqe city like a painting.

Camlica hill tour guide

The hill is located on asia, it is the highest point in Istanbul. Acrossing the bosphorus bridge you can reach the hill. The hill welcomes you with pine trees,many seats,restaurant… it is where the local people go and spend time and you can join them to become one of them. Book your Camlica hill tour guide and take perfect pictures from the hill as 360 degree combined Asian and European side.

Camlica tower istanbul
Camlica tower istanbul


Beylerbeyi Palace

The name of palace is derived from the palace of Mehmet pasha whom was the governor of Rumelia during Sultan Murad III.

After wooden palace burntout during Mahmut II time. Sultan Abdulaziz hired architect Sarkis Balyan to built the current palacebetween 1861-1865.
It was not resided in permanently but used in summer, most especially for hosting head of the state.
Sultan Abdulhamid the second passes his last six years in this palace and passed away in here.

Beylerbeyi palace tour guide

Book tour guide for unforgettable Beylerbeyi Palace.
Palace is located on asian side that tour guide could help in transportation as well.

beylerbeyi palace istanbul
Beylerbeyi palace istanbul

Beylerbeyi Palace, summer residence of the sultans, is located at Beylerbeyi neighborhood on the Asian shore of the Bosphorus.
It was ordered by the sultan Abdulaziz and built between 1861-1865 by head architects Sarkis Balyan and Agop Balyan, imperial architects of Armenian origins, in French neo-baroque style with a traditional Ottoman house plan.
Important foreign guests visiting the Ottoman Empire were accommodated in this palace during the summer months; Prince of Serbia, King Nicholas of Montenegro, Emperor Joseph of Austro-Hungary, Shah Nasireddin of Iran, Prince Oscar of Sweden, and Empress Eugenie of France were some of them.
Sultan Abdulhamid II spent the last 6 years of his life and died here in 1918, meanwhile other sultans ruled in the Dolmabahce Palace during winter months and came here only for the summer for a nice climate.


Kucuksu Pavilion

It was builted by Sultan Abdulmecid in 1857 and ordered to architect whom is Garabet Balyan and son Nicogos Balyan in baroque style, There was two storey timber palace in the reign of Mahmut 1st .

Difference occured by its walls that on other palaces you can see surrounded by cast iron railings with one gate at four sides.

In interior side it seems like turkish traditional house but as palace; marbels are Italian , Crystal Chandeliers from Bohemia,With Curtains, and Carpets from Hereke.

During the time of Sultan Abdulaziz, Some of original garden buildings were demolished.

It took restauration on 1944 and has been opened as Museum.

James bond Film ‘’ The world is not enough ‘’ in some parts served as the mansion of a woman in Baku .

Anatolian Fortress

anatolian fortess istanbul

This was built by Bayezit I (1389-1402), long before the conquest of Istanbul, at the end of the 14 century as the first step in bridging the gap to Byzantine lines,and to gain control of the Bosphorus.

It has been variously called “Yenice Hisar”, “Akca Hisar”, “Guzelce Hisar”. There is one main tower,with an inner tower and surrounding battlement walls.

In the 17 century a small mescit-chapel mosque-and open prayer place-namazgah were added. Mehmet the conqueror built the Rumelihisarı in 1452 and closed the Bosphorus traffic. Today,the fortress is an open air museum.


Kuleli History and Art Museum

kuleli history and art museum
kuleli history and art museum

It was established on 1845 with the name ‘Mektabi Fununu Idadiye’ at Macka, now Istanbul technical university is located. War, in 1878 was occured between Russia and Ottoman That school was decided to be hospital.

During World War I, School was moved to Rum Orphanage on Buyukada for immigrants and orphans.

The school became a civilian high school by “Tevhid-i Tedrisat” in 1924 and renamed as “Kuleli Lisesi” Kuleli High School.

It became a military high school again. took its present name in 1925 as ” Kuleli Military High School ”

After the coup attempt on 2016, it is converted to museum.

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