If you are in istanbul and don’t know where to go or what to do, than please check my below suggestions and start to explore istanbul city and witness its beauty…

*Note: All tour options takes ”1” full day except tour option 4


Istanbul tour option 1:

Full day Old istanbul city Tour

*Hagia Sophia, where served as Orthodox Master Church.

*Topkapi Palacewhere was the residence of Sultan’s

*Blue Mosque, where  has 6 minarets and 23.000 tiles

*Grand Bazaar, where has 4.200 shops

you may visit; hippodrome and Basilica Cistern too


Istanbul tour option 2:

Full day Istanbul Bosphorus Cruise tour with Dolmabahce Palace and Asian Side

*Bosphorus Cruise tour by Boat

*Drive to Asian side and visit top point of istanbul city to take best shots

*Drive from golden horn and visit Spice Market

*Visit Dolmabahce palace where served as house for many sultans


Istanbul tour option 3:

Visit Most famous Museum’s of Istanbul city

*Start the day with coffe at the Pierre loti hill by reaching there via Cable Car

*visit Miniaturk Museum where you can see miniature of all Turkey’s most famous highlights

*visit Madam Tussuad Museum and Sealife Aquarium 


Istanbul tour option 4: (it takes ”2” days)

Private istanbul tour as you wish

visit ORTAKOY, Galata TOWER, Istanbul Modern Art Museum,  take Turkish BATH, walk on Istiklal Street, taste turkish cuisine, visit Dolphinarium or Florya Aquarium Museum or Vialand Museum and Mall.


Istanbul tour option 5: 

istanbul shopping and Mall’s tour

if you need any kind of Textile, furniture or any of top 10 Turkey’s export products(shown as below) than you can start to visit most well known companies and adresses. Just let your guide what you need…

  1. Vehicles: US$19.8 billion (13.9% of total exports)
  2. Machinery including computers: $12.4 billion (8.7%)
  3. Gems, precious metals: $12.2 billion (8.5%)
  4. Knit or crochet clothing, accessories: $8.9 billion (6.2%)
  5. Electrical machinery, equipment: $7.8 billion (5.5%)
  6. Iron, steel: $6.2 billion (4.3%)
  7. Clothing, accessories (not knit or crochet): $5.9 billion (4.2%)
  8. Plastics, plastic articles: $5 billion (3.5%)
  9. Articles of iron or steel: $5 billion (3.5%)
  10. Fruits, nuts: $3.9 billion (2.7%)


Give best decision and start your istanbul trip with your istanbul tour guide ….


istanbul tours by istanbul tour guide
istanbul tours by istanbul tour guide

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