Let’s talk about Bursa City


A beautiful and mysterious landscape full of tradition

The Green City
Bursa was the first capital of the Ottoman Empire during the time 1335 to 1413. The city dates back to the 4000BC and was at the heart of the old silk road. Today it is the 4th largest city in Turkey and well known for its textiles and of course as Turkeys centre for silk production.

The city is known as Green Bursa, because of its many parks and Ula Dag. a mountain that overlooks the city. In the winter months Uladag is frequented by winter sports enthusiasts for skiing and snowboarding.

One of the most important contributions to Turkish culture is the Karagoz and Hacivat shadow theater which came from Bursa during the 17th century. Based on real life characters who lived and died in Bursa the puppets are now famous through Turkey!


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