Let’s Talk About Bodrum Town


A beautiful and mysterious landscape full of tradition

The best resort city of the Aegean.
Bodrum is a port city located south west of Ephesus at the point of where the huge Gulf of Gokova begins. Formerly called Halicarnassus in ancient Greek times, it was famous for housing the Mausoleum of Mausoleus one of the wonders of the ancient world  The area was fırst settled by the Carian peoples and the harbour area by the Dorian Greeks. Alexander the Great laid siege to the city with hıs ally Petronium. The name Bodrum comes from the word Petronium. The Knights of the Crusade arrived in the 1403 and the Knights Hospittler were given permission by Sultan to build the castle and they used the Mauseoleum as a quarry. The city was called Petronium and later Bodrum.   Suleyman the Magnificent conquered the Crusader Knights base on Rhodes and subsequently the Castle of St Peter came into Ottoman hands. During the 20th century Bodrum was a fairly sleepy town of fısherman and sponge divers until it became attractive to tourists in recent times.


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