This is Ender BOZ, 32 years old,

Born and raised in Istanbul city,

I am married and have a baby girl,

Working as Professional and Licensed tour guide in Istanbul city since 2006,

Graduated from 2 universities; Business administration and Tourism Guidance,

services provided in Gallipoli, Bursa, Edirne, Ankara cities, too.


”Let’s Check what can you do in Istanbul …”

Start the day by detailed explanation of the tour, where to visit? what to do? …

beginning of istanbu tour

 itinerary Done! Discover city with its all beauties…

istanbul licensed tour guide

                                                         This is Ender BOZ.  (with JERMAINE JACKSON / 17.3.2011)

istanbul tours by city tour guide


taste delicious turkish cultural foods,

i am so sorry to share this 🙂

turkish cultural foods

take thousands of pictures,

hagia sophia sacrified with my wings

istanbul-hidden gems

Touch the history,

galata tower

Reach all sites of Istanbul city, Make it ACCESSIBLE …

istanbul tour with wheelchair


Love unofficial rulers of the city 🙂


Reborn with Cultural Turkish Bath…

turkish bath

Learn traditional arts, such as EBRU ART…

ebru art istanbul

 %100 be sure that you will really love the city, its people and amazing structures. 

Time to visit Istanbul, Time to go TURKEY ….

don’t forget to get tour istanbul tour guide   🙂

about ender-boz



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