April 23

National Sovereignty and Children’s Day in TURKEY

 The 23rd April Children’s Festival in Turkey.  It gifted to Turkish Children by Mustafa Kemal Ataturk to mark the opening of the Assembly. The children’s  Festival was  first celebrated in Turkey in 23rd April 1920 when the Turkish Grand National Assembly was opened.

It is a special day for millions of children. Lots of children from all over the world come to Turkey. Turks celebrate this special occasion with them. They also doing ceremonies at schools. by wearing their costumes., dancing and singing their songs happily. Some of them reading poems. It is great day for the children gifted by Ataturk to whole world’s children…
WORLD CHILDREN’S DAY – 23th April in Turkey
 With darker hair
 Whose hair yellow …
Came to Ankara
Children of the world. All twenty-three in April
This event.
Reason for this gathering
Very easy to explain.
This wide world
Contains many countries.
Yet none of them
There is Children’s Day.
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